Topic: Poetry

A Celebration of Poetry!

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Edgar Allan Poe has said that “Poetry is the the rhythmical creation of beauty in words”. Poems inspire us and feed our souls. Please join the worship committee as members of our community share poetry, both original and from their favorite authors.

All the Colors of Love (Poetry Sunday)

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love your kindness, your tolerance towards others, your warmth and caring, and that smile that lights up my days! Join the poets and poetry lovers of our congregation for a special poetry service to celebrate the many forms of love. The love will be flowing!

This is a virtual service on Zoom only.

The Songs of Summer

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The Songs of Summer by Joel Simpson

“Crickets begin their magical tune; Ladybugs jig for the joy of June.
Dragonflies dance as they dart by; Their whirring wings sing a lullaby.
Bumblebees buzz a melody sweet. Caterpillars tap their many feet
Oh, happy hearts beat just like drummers as June brings on the songs of summer!”

Let’s welcome summer as we share and celebrate poems about nature and the environment.