The Arboretum at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a Level 1 Arbnet Accredited Arboretum situated on a 17 acre site. For the last 50 years, the Arboretum has served to preserve a significant open space in an area that is highly developed and provide a significant horticultural space for the enjoyment of church members and the public. The collection is cared for by a group of dedicated volunteers, many serving on the Church’s Property and Grounds Committee and the Arboretum Work Group.  Visit our arboretum freely from dawn to dusk to see our many species of trees and shrubs.

History of the Arboretum

“Above all it should be remembered that an arboretum is a garden – a large one, perhaps, but still a garden.  As such it provides a place for meditation, for the enjoyment of nature in its many moods, for walking among shrubs and under trees, for shuffling dead leaves with one’s feet in the autumn.  These are matters of the human spirit; these are the intangibles that can not be weighted in an ordinary balance; these are, perhaps, the most important attributes of an arboretum.“ – Dr. John M. Fogg, Jr.