Meet when?Name of Group/Contact Name/Contact email
MonthlyArboretum Work Group (AWG)  AWG operates as a subgroup of Property and Grounds. Members of the Group care for the named gardens on the property, and tend to the Labyrinth and surrounding grounds.
Sundays, 7 pmBuddhist Sangha Karl Pietrzak,
Monthly on a Thurs, week varies, 3:00Community Outreach Work (COW), cow@uucch.orgCOW provides UUCCH members hands-on opportunities to live UUism in the surrounding community. These include collections, volunteering, and more. 
4th Thursday, 7 pmEvening Book Discussion Group Karen Nowicki, 
3rd Sat, 10 amEveryday Spiritual Practice (ESP) Robert Schindler, From the book of the same name, the ESP group shares readings and practices to study from many diverse traditions.
Various times/daysFellowship Groups Larry Solow, Libby Pontillo, and John Nielsen; fellowship@uucch.orgFellowship Groups focus on small group ministry and deep connections of group members, promoting the value of deep listening. Groups are aligned with the monthly ministry theme.
As NeededFlower Ministry Team Heidi Bernard, flowers@uucch.orgThe role of the flower team is to provide displays to enhance the worship service space and often provide support for the week’s message.
1st Tues, 7:00Humanist UUs Helen Ewan, Humanist UUs support the Fourth Principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The group provides a space for UUs and friends who are atheist, agnostic, humanist, or non-theist to gather and explore their beliefs together.
1st Thursday of February, June, and September, 7:00Labyrinth Jen Snively, Labyrinth committee is dedicated, creative, and passionate about sharing the secrets of the labyrinth as a spiritual and meditative tool, and creating a safe space in which to practice. They offer various classes and labyrinth walks throughout the year.
2nd Tues, 11:00 amLow Vision Support Group Heidi Bernard, 
Thursdays, 10:00 amMen’s Breakfast Ron Enfield,
3rd Friday, 10:30 amMorning Book Discussion Group Lucie Lenore,
Various Times/DaysMusic Ministry Natasha Steinmacher, DMM, music@uucch.orgThe music ministry is a vibrant music program that goes beyond Sunday mornings. This includes the UUCCH Choir, Children’s Ensemble, UUkulele Group, Handbell Choir, and various ensemble musicians and soloists.
Wed 10-11:30 amPhilosophy Discussion Group Lud Pisapia, Philosophy Group is an adult discussion group that uses selected non-fiction readings (books and/or online articles), as well a video podcasts, to further mutual knowledge and understanding of philosophical ideas and concepts, both ancient and modern.
1st Thurs, 7:30 pmSanctuary Libby Pontillo, Sanctuary is a nurturing and supportive space to explore and share beliefs in God, “spirit,” or the divine – however participants choose to define it – as Unitarian Universalists. Sanctuary maintains a commitment to providing a sacred space for reflection and dialogue.
3rd Thurs, 7:30 pmShamanic Journeying Circle Keith Ewan,
No Regular MtgsTechCrUU, Larry Solow, TechCrUU manages and runs all the technical equipment (audio and video) on Sunday mornings, and sometimes assists other events where tech is needed. 
3rd Thurs, 9:30 amWomen’s Breakfast and Chat Pat Naylor,
MonthlyWomen’s Lunch Shirley Chirico,
1st Sun, 12:00Womyn & Religion (W&R), W&R aims to provide a safe place for women to explore feminist issues and feminist theology together. Our celebrations are related to earth-centered religions, religions which were observed prior to the establishment of monotheism and the patriarchy.