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Breakout Rooms During Zoom Coffee Hour

Breakout Rooms Experiment – Starts Nov 22

On Sunday, November 22, we will begin experimenting with breakout rooms after service.

We will begin by spending 5 minutes all together.

Then everyone will be sorted randomly into groups of 10 to greet each other, talk, and socialize.

Newcomers will be … read more.

Commons Shared Space Survey

Arts & Aesthetics (A&A) has designed a survey to receive input from the congregation about how the Commons area might be designed, decorated and used.

The survey will be conducted from November 10 – December 10.

We Have a New Website!

Using the new WordPress Theme created by the UUA, we are delighted to have launched our new site. We hope you like it!

The site will continue to be fully developed and we want to hear from you!  Do you have feedback?  A correction?  An … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Week Four)

The time has come!! On Friday, October 23, 2020, a final meeting was held in the drizzle outside of the church doors. Members of the Renovation Task Force (Pam Anderson, Greg Newcomer, Les Engels, Connie Roggio) Rev. Margret A. O’Neall, Ed Fox, representatives from RYEBREAD (architects), Grace … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Week Three)

Information from the Renovators may have seemed quiet the last weeks, but the work has continued. There is so much good news to share this week.

Last week, Grace Construction advised Ed Fox that the Cherry Hill Township Construction Code Official released our Phase I permits. Real work can begin. … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Week Two)

Preparation for the big-rig move-in continues. On the grounds, Lee Phillips and Pat Naylor removed the boxwoods in front of the Church. Landscape removal is complete.

Inside the building, Larry Solow removed for storage all of the old audio equipment that could be salvaged. Team SOS … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Week One)

While the Renovators were conservative – who knew – and expected the work of renovation to begin in September, removal of landscaping and memorials in front of the West Wall began on August 17. On Monday, Rev. Margret recited moving words honoring the … read more.

Arboretum Name Change

The Arboretum Committee thought this anniversary year was going to be different but we didn’t expect it to be this different! There were plans for big events and programming to match but with the uncertainty of COVID-19 we just don’t know. What we do know is this: the arboretum on the church’s property … read more.