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UUCCH Safety/Security Framework

We hope you are encouraged by the progress made by the Safety/Security Team so far. That said, we recognize there is more to do. A reminder of the six elements of the Framework:

 Summon help. This can take several forms, from reaching out to a church … read more.

Keep Plastics out of the Landfill

Confused about what can be recycled and what is actually recycled? Here is something that is guaranteed to keep plastics out of landfills – Trex Recycle program. We are partnering with Christ Our Light to collect very specific plastics that will be used by Trex.

We … read more.

Response to War in Israel and Palestine

Dear fellow congregants, 

The recent events in the Middle East have created alarm and anxiety as we listen to the reports of violence. 

Our UUA President, The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt said this, “We as a people of faith can condemn violence against civilians while at the … read more.

Board Reflection for October 22, 2023

Linda Coolsen, UUCCH Board Member

This church year I joined the Board of Trustees. As a first term member, I’ll admit I didn’t know much about what the Board did and I made some assumptions about it that didn’t turn out to be entirely accurate. I … read more.

Board of Trustees October Recognition: Ken Ewan

After a long musical career in other denominations, Ken Ewan became UUCCH’s music director in 2001. Ken built a vibrant music program deeply rooted in UU values, fostered musical connections with other UU communities, served as choir director for the Service of the Living Tradition … read more.

Board Reflection for September 24, 2023

Karen Nowicki, UUCCH Board Member

Good morning, my name is Karen Nowicki. I am a tall, somewhat squishy, cis-gender white woman who has shoulder length mostly brown hair. My pronouns are she/her and I am 42 years old. People say I don’t look or act my … read more.

Board Reflection for August 20, 2023

Bill Warner, UUCCH Board Member

I am a middle-aged light-skinned male-presenting person, my pronouns are he/him. I’m balding with brown hair and a grey/white beard, glasses, and temporarily removing the assistive listening device. I’m wearing a cranberry and white pin-striped dress shirt and over that, our … read more.

Board Reflection for July 16, 2023

Jennie Stone, UUCCH Board President

Good morning! My name is Jennie Stone. I am a middle-aged light-skinned female-presenting person whose pronouns are she/her. I have layered salt-and-cinnamon hair, glasses, and am wearing my favorite blue sundress because, even though the sun isn’t shining outside, it is … read more.