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Coming Soon – Registration for General Assembly (GA) 2021!

Speaking of vaccinations, consider being a UUCCH delegate to the once again virtual UUA General Assembly June 23-27… for another kind of shot in the arm, an injection of excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm for our denomination. It’s a great way to ‘go to’ GA, especially if you’ve never been but always wanted to. The registration fee is … read more.

Cherry Hill Food Pantry December Collection

Cherry Hill Food Pantry

The Christmas collection for the Pantry will be Friday, 12/18. Donations may be left in Unitarian House or on the steps right outside the offices.

The Pantry is in need of Coffee, tea, cocoa mix, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cake/muffin mixes, canned … read more.

Last Week in Renovation (Update 6)

A trip to the Church this week will show a finished roof, but oh so much more. All of elements that go along with the shingles and trusses are in place. Soffits and gutters and finished edges are in place. Best of all was the … read more.

Breakout Rooms During Zoom Coffee Hour

Breakout Rooms Experiment – Starts Nov 22

On Sunday, November 22, we will begin experimenting with breakout rooms after service.

We will begin by spending 5 minutes all together.

Then everyone will be sorted randomly into groups of 10 to greet each other, talk, and socialize.

Newcomers will be … read more.

Commons Shared Space Survey

Arts & Aesthetics (A&A) has designed a survey to receive input from the congregation about how the Commons area might be designed, decorated and used.

The survey will be conducted from November 10 – December 10.