CREE meets monthly, on the first Thursday of each month at 7PM. In between meetings, keep up with UUCCH social justice activities by following us on Facebook at UUCCH Social Justice.


Our work includes:

CREE leading the activities to support the proposed 8th Principle to dismantle racism in ourselves and our institutions. UUCCH adopted the 8th Principle on June 28, 2020.

Task forces:

  • Immigration – In partnership with Catholic Charities and along with other local churches, CREE supports rental assistance for newly arriving Americans as they work toward self sufficiency; volunteers also provide English tutoring.
  • Policing Reform – In partnership with Rise Against Hate, the task force is addressing behavioral first response initiatives, including the State Attorney General’s Directive calling for the coordination of mental health service providers and the police in responding to community needs.
  • Reparations – In partnership with UU Faith Action NJ and other UU churches, the task force works to promote and educate about reparations initiatives.


Issues that we are following:

  • Voting rights laws
  • Laws preventing schools from telling the truth about racism in America


We welcome new participants and encourage anyone interested in becoming involved to contact us at