We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you visit our congregation.


9:00 am

Occasionally on Sunday mornings, we offer Adult Faith Engagement Classes. These classes are open to anyone, and you are welcome to drop in anytime to check them out. Classes are ongoing and last one hour. Child care may be available upon request.

10:15 am

Our large worship service begins. For multi-generational Sundays, everyone stays and worships together.

On other Sundays, children and youth begin in worship with their families. We strive to include people of all ages in such a vital piece of congregational life. Children and youth are present for the beginning portions of worship, including the chalice lighting, opening hymn, and the call to worship. Following these segments, we offer a Time for All Ages, a portion of the worship including story and engaging all ages in the message of the day’s worship topic. 

10:30 am

After Time for All Ages, the children are led out of worship and to the location for the activity of that day. Spiritual Practice Sundays and Social Justice Sundays are all children and youth together. Classroom Sundays are age-separated and are split as follows: Chalice Children (ages 3-10) and Junior and Senior Youth (ages 11-18).

11:30 am

Both worship and classes come to an end. Children in Chalice Children classroom wait until guardians come to check them out. Children and Youth 4th Grade and up are allowed or sign themselves out and meet their guardians in coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall.

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