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Othering: Diversity, Acceptance and Practicing Compassion

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Humans come in many forms, and some of the diversity in our bodies and brains is not immediately evident to the casual observer. When we encounter neurodiversity – when our bodies and brains work in different ways – we may create divisions by failing to recognize our common humanity across neurological difference. How may we cultivate a wider awareness of the many forms human intelligence can take, to deepen our acceptance as we practice compassion for each other in all our different ways of being?

Othering: Identity, Exclusion and Belonging

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Human identity is fundamentally shaped by our connection with family and community as our “tribe;” we know who we are by our knowledge of to whom we belong. Belonging supports us in community even as our tribal identities may create exclusion and even persecution of those who are defined as “other” in our worldview. How can we help to shape a world of belonging for all, where people learn to live in peace across our tribal identities?