We have a diverse set of classes and offerings for all stages of Adult Engagement, including specific offerings for Young Adults (18-40) and Older Adults (over 60). As UUs, we know that ongoing development is a core belief. We offer a variety of engagement opportunities including interactive classes, discussion groups, book studies, body practices, and more. 

We offer classes that are ongoing, as well as one-time experiences. All of our offerings are designed to support your ongoing faith development.  You can also explore our Fellowship Groups designed to provide an opportunity for participants to build relationships through the deep sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Learn more about Fellowship Groups.

We hope you will take a chance to explore our classes and programs! 

You can view the current catalog of classes HERE.

Not all classes require pre-registration. But for some classes, we hope to have an idea of who might be attending. Here are the current registrations:

5th Principle / Politics and Democracy Discussion 

Join us for a new experiment! Twice a month we will gather to discuss democracy  and current events, and how it connects to the UU 5th Principle. This will not be  political advocacy or support for specific candidates, but will instead be an  opportunity for expression and contemplation. This will be a covenanted space.  Ages- Adult. No registration needed. Zoom information in the Catalog.

First Sunday Theme Discussion 

On the first Sunday of each month, we will have an open discussion around the  monthly ministry theme. Prompts for discussion will be provided. No registration  needed. Ages- 12 & up. Zoom information in the Catalog.

TMI Meditation Class 

Guided Meditation class based on the practice of The Monroe Institute guided  meditation class. Each session will include a 30-45 minute guided meditation,  followed by discussion. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring wired  headphones that are comfortable. A mat is optional, but suggested. Ages- Adult.  For Zoom information, contact Sky.  

What About All These Words? (Continuation! New words!) A popular class returns! This look at the etymology, history, and culture of  religious words is now a monthly opportunity. For those who haven’t come  before, the first hour will be beginning words (we covered previously) such as faith, religion, prayer, and worship. And for those who have attended, we’ll be offering new words too! Come for the whole time or come at 11am if you just want to join for new words. Ages 12 and up. Information and Registration in the Catalog.