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Memories in a Wall

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The UU Church in Cherry Hill celebrates the month of May as the anniversary of its founding, and so today we celebrate 66 years of history, exploring the contents of the time capsule that was placed in the Sanctuary walls in the year 2000, and placing a new time capsule to celebrate the Sanctuary renovation, affirming our hopes for the future of this beloved community.

Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future

The theme for our annual giving campaign this year is Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future, acknowledge the strengths of this church as we create new patterns and traditions to build a future of connection, trust and abundance.  As we live into the values of community, trust, love and learning, there is so much we can do among our members and in the wider community.  With your financial support, we will continue to fairly compensate our staff, meet our financial obligations in the community, and to care for our buildings and our beautiful grounds.  Social justice and outreach remain central to our identity, and we are using technology in new ways to touch the lives of people who need this faith.

If you are in a solid financial position this year, please consider making a substantial increase in your annual pledge, since there are some among us who may have limited financial capacity in this time.

We encourage you to pledge and set up your payment online by clicking on “Give” at the top of the website, to make life simpler and more predictable for us all.  Guidance on this will be provided in the coming days. Read the full stewardship letter here.

We appreciate your generous support of UUCCH.

In gratitude, Your Board of Trustees and Pledge Campaign Leaders

Church Gathering Guidelines - April 2022

The UUCCH Board of Trustees, with guidance from the Covid Task Force, has developed new guidelines for gathering at the church, as we prepare to resume worship in the Sanctuary later in April, and we plan for meetings, classes, and events on the church campus.We are using the CovidActNow COVID Risk & Vaccine Tracker ( to assess infection risk in our area, and we will adjust these guidelines based on risk levels, as shown in the chart.
Right now, Camden County is in the High risk category, and Burlington County is in Medium on the CovidActNow tracking site, so the guidelines for April 2022 are currently as follows:

Requirements for in-person attendance include vaccination (two, three, or four shots) for those eligible, along with no symptoms or known recent exposure

Vaccine eligibility is defined by the age groups for which vaccines are available, and by health conditions that preclude vaccination; it is our expectation that vulnerable people will be in consultation with their medical provider as conditions change.

Those who teach Children's Faith Engagement, and others working with vulnerable populations, will provide documentation of their vaccination status. 

Well fitted masks to cover the mouth and nose are required for all participants over age 2, for all group activities in the church (worship, meetings, music rehearsals, classes). Masks may be (N95/KN95/KN94, approved singer's mask or equivalent). N95/KN95 masks will be provided at the door for those attending worship services, if they do not have one 

Those speaking in worship may remove their masks while speaking, as long as they are not near others, then put them back on.  Disposable microphone covers are available for use.

Distances of six feet are encouraged between people who are not in a "pod," and ample space will be provided in all settings.

Singing (or humming) is allowed in worship and music rehearsals with masks on

We will not offer coffee hour after services until the risks diminish. See the chart for guidance on eating in other settings.

May Split Plate - Booksmiles

This month’s plate collection will be split evenly between UUCCH and BookSmiles. All cash, and checks, and online/text giving, unless indicated for some other purpose (e.g. Stewardship) will be divided.

A high school English teacher, Larry can identify which of his ninth-grade students in Lindenwold grew up with books, or had someone read to them when they were little.  Kids who grow up with books come to my classroom reading at or beyond grade level. Kids who lack books struggle with fundamentals. I see it first-hand every day.

BookSmiles developed a solution to relentlessly distribute book-wealth into book deserts.  Donated funds are used for Spanish/bilingual books and books featuring diverse characters, as well as graphic novels.  We're proud to say that since we started in September 2017,  BookSmiles has collected, sorted, and distributed over 500,000 books!                 

If you would like to donate books, we have a BookSmiles bin right on the UUCCH campus!  It’s right outside of the double doors near the children’s library and the children’s garden. 

Monthly Recognition for Volunteer Service

For May 2022, the Board of Trustees recognizes Mary C.

After coming to UUCCH 16 years ago, (having spent 10 years in White Plains, NY UU) Mary has been a virtual whirl wind of doing and connecting. Her activities have included membership on the Board of Trustees and LDNC, Chair of the Interim Ministry Committee, Chair of Human Resources, Interim supervisor of staff, work in COW, Mentor Program, Bookmates, Ministerial Search Committee, Womyn & Religion….and there is still more... AND, let us not forget Sunday service Usher. But what serving in these groups has in common, is the management of important tasks and people who do the work toward fulfilling the mission and vision of our beloved community.  Folks come to “Mother Mary” (as she can be referred to at times) for help, guidance, and to share the passion that comes with doing the work of Unitarian Universalism. Ask anyone, and we think they would all agree, that Mary IS, the “quintessential” UU.

Labyrinth Walks are Back! Join us!

UUCCH Labyrinth Committee is hosting a series of labyrinth walks.

World Labyrinth Day is Saturday May 7th
"Walk as One at 1" is a worldwide celebration of the labyrinth and encourages peace around the globe, with groups walking all over the world at 1:00pm their local time zone.

On this 14th annual World Labyrinth Day, we will walk our UUCCH labyrinth at 1:00 p.m. local time to help create a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next around the globe.

Meet in Fellowship Hall at 12:30pm to get into a meditative mindset for our walk.

Guided Labyrinth Walks will be held Fridays at 7pm: June 3, July 8, Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 4

Enjoy the peaceful, calming beauty of our labyrinth, share in loving community, create a mindful spiritual moment.

Don't know how to walk a labyrinth? No worries!
We are here to guide you on the path. In case of rain we walk with umbrellas or inside on our canvas labyrinth, If it will be near/after sunset, please bring a flashlight for safety.

Meet in Fellowship Hall to get into a meditative mindset.

Join us on the path!