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Covenant: The Foundation of Our UU Faith

Is it said that Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, rather than a creedal, faith. What does that mean, where did the idea originate and how has it been carried forward over the centuries in the UU faith movement on this continent?

Stay on the regular Sunday service zoom and the meeting will begin promptly at noon.

Dual-mode Worship

We have shifted our worship location to Hillside Lower Level, using a mix of in-person and virtual elements, allowing up to 15 congregants to attend each Sunday, by reservation. The service will be available on Zoom just as it has been, so it will continue to be accessible online to all.

Attendance in person will be limited to those who are vaccinated, and will require masks over mouth and nose, and maintaining social distance. The hymns will be humming-only, except for small choral ensembles and soloists. There will be no eating or drinking.

In this way, we hope to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the congregation, while continuing to observe safe practices as our area is still at very high risk of Covid infection.

Register to attend the service in person at this link each week; if you cannot access the registration form, call Mandy at 856-667-3618 extension 3 and she will register you via phone (you may also leave a message).

*Musicians and/or choir that are scheduled to be part of the service do not need to RSVP.

November Split Plate - Camden County Pop Up Library

This month’s plate collection will be split evenly between UUCCH and Camden County Pop Up Library. All cash, and checks, and online/text giving, unless indicated for some other purpose (e.g. Stewardship) will be divided.

We take books where libraries don't go and give them away because literacy liberates and connects us. We do this through PopUpLibraries where we set up a table at the Walter Rand Transportaion Center, Cathedral Kitchen and the Methadone Clinic on Atlantic Ave and encourage people to take whatever and how many books they please. Through THE BOOK ARK PROJECT (under the Camden County Pop Up Libraries umbrella) we have over 80 Book Arks throughout Camden and 2 or so in surrounding areas including Philadelphia. The ARKS not only promote literacy, the art work on them helps beautify the neighborhoods they are located in.

Fall Faith Engagement Catalog Released

The Fall/Winter 2021 Faith Engagement Catalog has been released! Children's Faith Engagement resumes Sundays at 1pm beginning October 11th. We have a full and robust set of offerings for all ages in this new catalog! We're offering some of your favorites continuing, as well as some brand new options. Highlights include:

  • Continued: Words Class monthly version, Democracy Discussion, Noon Connections, TMI Meditation and Monthly Theme Discussion
  • New: Date with Death Club, Incorrigble Book Talk and Follow Up Series
  • Fun Times Ahead:  Winter Bird Walks, Labyrinth Classes, Candle Magic and the UUA Common Read, Breathe.
This has been such a long, difficult year of Covid restrictions and isolation, and we all miss being together in person, together in our UUCCH community. Many of us are getting vaccinated now, and people are feeling more confident about being with others, so it might be safe to begin getting our community back together.  

We are officially opening up the church grounds between 2 pm and 4 pm on any Sunday afternoon, weather permitting, to gather for connection outdoors on our beautiful property. Bring a chair and set it up in the parking lot, or bring a blanket and spread it on the lawn below Hillside. Walk the labyrinth, explore our wood-chipped paths back into the Arboretum, watch the birds, enjoy the flowers …. catch up with old friends and make new ones, so that we begin to restore all those community connections we have all been missing so much!

And remember, the church grounds, including the labyrinth, are always open for you to enjoy from dawn until dusk, individually or in small groups, on your own schedule. So stop by on any Sunday afternoon (weather permitting) starting May 30 at 2pm, and let’s be together safely, bringing us all back to what really matters.