Last Week in Renovation (Update 7)

If you are out for a ride near King’s Highway, detour into the drive of the UU Church. You will see the completed new design of the outer wall of our renovated sanctuary. The 17 Andersen windows and the new exit door on the chancel wall are complete.
Except for minor repairs to the stucco, the exterior portion of the Sanctuary renovation is complete. Phase 1 is nearly complete. A photograph of the exterior is below. Landscaping work in front of the Sanctuary, as well as other locations, will be completed in the spring.  (Scroll to continue reading….)

The Renovators had hopes to begin the work on the Terrace this fall, but the permits from the Township of Cherry Hill are delayed. There is considerable demolition attached to this project and winter conditions could hinder the work. The work will begin in the spring.

The Board and the Renovation Team will continue to update the congregation as progress continues. Thank you once again for your support and patience.

-Connie Roggio
For the Board and the Renovators Task Force