Breakout Rooms During Zoom Coffee Hour

Breakout Rooms Experiment – Starts Nov 22

On Sunday, November 22, we will begin experimenting with breakout rooms after service.

We will begin by spending 5 minutes all together.

Then everyone will be sorted randomly into groups of 10 to greet each other, talk, and socialize.

Newcomers will be directed back to the main room where they will be able to ask questions, talk with Rev. Margret and someone from Welcoming and Membership, and hear about the church (think of it as a combo of the welcoming table and the after church table).

After the first round, people will be brought back to the main room, and we’ll try a second round of breakouts. We know this is an experiment and is something new, and hope you’ll join us on the journey and get a chance to connect even better, virtually!