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Caring for Your Funny Bone

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Do you take care of your funny bone? The Caring Committee would like to take care of you by caring for your funny bone. Laughter is a cheap form of therapy and by far the most pleasant one. It has the power to heal not only your soul, but also your body. This pandemic has lasted over two years. We need some relief to get us through our days. Come to the service and explore the benefits of laughter and how you can make your days better. This will be a fun, music-filled, intergenerational service.

Creating Community (and Flower Communion)

May is our time of Flower Communion, as we celebrate the beauty of diversity in community; Mother’s Day as we celebrate the power of nurturing love; and a time to consider how we dwell together in peace, living into the values of community, trust, love and learning in this beloved congregation. Bring a flower to share, bring your open heart to connect in love.


The labyrinth is an ancient structure, created to support meditation and spiritual renewal in a gentle movement practice. We will share stories from labyrinth participants in this sacred space on UUCCH grounds, built on the site where the original Fellowship Hall of the church stood until it burned in the 1990s. All are invited to stay after the service to experience the labyrinth themselves, and to plan to attend our event on World Labyrinth Day at 12:30 pm the following Saturday.