UUCCH Sanctuary Renovation and East Terrace Reconstruction

Beloved Friends of the UU Church in Cherry Hill,

Two years ago, we closed our Sanctuary due to the discovery of structural defects in the rafters.  After a long period of congregational input and professional advice about re-imagining and improving the space, we are now in the process of implementing our plan.  We want the new space to be intimate, warm and welcoming.  We want the space to support our mission to be a beacon of liberal religion; be used to nurture civic, social and environmental justice; and be used as community performance space.  Here is the architect’s sketch and a list of design elements:

·      Larger chancel moved to the western wall   

          (bringing the audience closer)

·      Upgraded audio visual technology

·      Live stream broadcast capability

·      Upgraded lighting

·      Grand staircase to arboretum and labyrinth

Detailed information on this design can be found on our website:  https://uucch.org/buildingfund  

In order to complete the construction, we have set a goal of raising $900,000 in capital contributions from our members and friends. We kicked off the effort just two weeks ago and are making good progress with over $800,000 in pledges from our members at this point. 

We need your help to make this campaign a success.  Please consider a gift to our Building Fund.  All gifts large and small are appreciated and valued. You may give an immediate gift, or make a pledge with payments over a period of up to three years.  There are three ways to give:

1)      Send an email with your pledge to buildingfund@uucch.org    or

2)      Give-by-text.  To give $500, text “500 building” to 844-984-1040, then follow prompts    or

3)      Send a check to the UUCCH at the address below, noting “Building Fund” In the memo line.

We look forward to your support and to your continued engagement with our community as we complete the project and return to a renovated Sanctuary.   If you have questions, please email them to buildingfund@uucch.org

Warm Regards,

UUCCH Board of Trustees: Connie Roggio, Al Migdal, Diane Baker-Hallowell, Pam Anderson, Tom Delany, Ken Ewan, Bob Messick, Rev. Margret O’Neall