Thank you to all who attended the UUCCH forum on Reparations and Reconciliation held October 14 on Zoom. Here is a link to view the forum in it’s entirety.

Recording of the 10/14/20 Reparations Forum entirety.

If you would like to follow up the event with action that you wish to take, we would suggest that you use one of the following links.

In order to contact your New Jersey State legislators to urge support of legislation to create a commission on reparations in NJ, use this link:

In order to contact Federal Congressional representatives or Senators to urge support of HR 40, use this link: entirety.

Thank you, once again for your support and participation. In the words of our Co-Chair, Dr. Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad, “In the end our UU Reparations Task Force team sees the need for future organizing events to build on the momentum put in motion last Wednesday. We hope what we have initiated will catch fire and burn blue hot in bringing relief in the sorry matter of morally and certainly materially compensating the living descendants of Africans enslaved in New Jersey up to the Civil War Amendments and the generations thereafter that have been forced by the same antebellum originated  type of structured racism in law and custom to live an indecent, second class and horribly unequal existence in the Garden State.”