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Memories in a Wall

The UU Church in Cherry Hill celebrates the month of May as the anniversary of its founding, and so today we celebrate 66 years of history, exploring the contents of the time capsule that was placed in the Sanctuary walls in the year 2000, and placing a new time capsule to celebrate the Sanctuary renovation, affirming our hopes for the future of this beloved community.

Harmony – All Music Sunday

For our Spring All Music Sunday, we explore the theme of Harmony. When our individual voices join in consistent and planned chords and chord progressions, we invoke the pleasant effect of amity and peace. Please join us in this special service full of song and spirit, weaving memory and melody into harmonious understanding.

Fifty Years of Science and Beauty

The Arboretum at UUCCH, a place of serene beauty and plant wisdom, was created to cherish the land so generously gifted over time, creating a legacy for generations to come. The selection and cultivation of species native to the region has been an ongoing work of love. Together we explore the commitment, the history and the processes that sustain this natural space for the wellbeing of all.

The Beat Goes On

Since 1956, the heart of this UUCCH community has sustained a beat that is steady, strong, with a pulse of vitality that connects our members and reaches out into the larger community with love. That heartbeat continues strong through these pandemic times, and now will carry us into the future filled with promise and possibility.

New Beginnings

There is one universal truth. Everything starts from something, or does it? In the beginning there was Light, there was Ein Sof, there was nothing but open possibility. Reality is so much more than we can know. The center is everywhere. We are all made of stardust. Let us imagine, let us celebrate all the beginnings in all dimensions.

Being With All

Love is the spirit of this church. In this second of a two-part series, we consider our relationships in the expanded circles of our lives, where we practice love in covenant, in right relations, in community. How do we move beyond our tribal preferences to create loving connection, finding common ground and building a network that brings ever-expanding love into the world?

Being With One Another

Love is the spirit of this church. In this first of a two-part series, we consider our relationships with the beloveds in our lives: given family, chosen family, close friends, those with whom we share our closest and most nurturing connections. Relationship begins with ourselves and expands outward in circles. How do we practice being with one another in loving relationship?

A Vigil for Hope and Resilience

As we prepare for Election Day, with all the uncertainties of the current environment, we gather for a time of reflection to reconnect with our inner and collective resilience, as we remind ourselves that hope is a resource that we cultivate for our work to create a world of promise and possibility.

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Meanings of Membership

We welcome our newest members as we celebrate the gift of belonging. Together we create beloved community, founded upon the connections we share, the covenants to which we commit, all the ways we lead and participate to co-create more than any one of can achieve alone.

Bringing Us Home

Love is the spirit of this church. As we enter the second phase of restoring the Sanctuary of our spirit, we renew our commitment to the bright future of this church, the home in which we nurture the power of love to transform ourselves, for the transformation of the world.