Topic: Transition


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In a world filled with challenge and change, it can be difficult to remain grounded in our authentic voice, our authentic presence in the world. Why is authenticity important, and how can we create a community in which each person’s authentic presence and voice are honored, as we share all our varied perspectives and experiences?

The Building Blocks of Beloved Community

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The foundation of a vibrant church is strengthened by the bonds of connection that are cultivated in our Fellowship Groups. Participants share their experiences of connecting hearts and minds in covenant and commitment, deepening our skills for living in beloved community.

Don’t Be Afraid of Some Change!

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Change is the only constant, as they say, and we live in a constantly transforming universe. How do we absorb the loss of leaving our old reality behind as a new one emerges? How do we navigate our way across the mysterious time and space between the old and the new? And how do we welcome new realities, adjusting in our own transformation as we go? Let us explore these timeless questions together.