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A Celebration of Poetry!

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Edgar Allan Poe has said that “Poetry is the the rhythmical creation of beauty in words”. Poems inspire us and feed our souls. Please join the worship committee as members of our community share poetry, both original and from their favorite authors.

(Re)Parenting the Wild Child

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In Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story “Sealskin, Soulskin” she teaches the importance of women specifically, and people in general, holding onto their wild nature. What does it mean to raise a wild child or become a wild person in today’s modern world? How can we grow that wild nature in ourselves and others?

Getaway in Imagination

“Our imaginations are one of our greatest gifts. Imagination creates our first world outside
the norm and brings our dream to life. This magical element is pure and simple. It is our
getaway car. But what happens when we lock the keys in the car. Now is the time to return
to pure imagination, find those keys and make that car roar.”