Topic: nourish

Gratitude and Grace

To hold a space of true gratitude in complex and challenging times requires intention, focus and a deeply grounded spiritual discipline. On this first day of Hanukkah, let us celebrate the miracle that is our lives, and explore how the gift of gratitude can enrich and enliven our days, our relationships, our lives.

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Fall All Music Sunday

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Our Fall All Music Sunday will explore the theme of Nourishment. The most apparent and essential sources of nourishment are food and water. Additionally, we are nourished through our breath, our memories, time spent in nature, family and friends, our community, and of course-music!

Creating Sanctuary

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Welcoming theological diversity in a faith community is a lofty goal, and one that is often difficult to attain. Members of the UUCCH Sanctuary group share their learning and experience over their 30-year history of creating an open space for all understandings of ultimate truth, honoring the free and responsible search for truth and meaning that is at the heart of the Unitarian Universalist faith.

Say the Word: Reparations!

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The legacy of slavery has left a stain on the soul of this nation, and devastated generations of African Americans. Why are reparations for slavery crucial to the restoration of justice, and why is the idea so challenging to the dominant white culture in America? Members of the UUCCH Reparations Task Force share their insights and their commitments to this cause, and to the work to create a New Jersey initiative for reparations for slavery.