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The Gifts of our Offering

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For our Fall Music Sunday, we gather in gratitude to share the blessings of our music program. Our music ministry is a gift to those who participate and those to whom we gift our musical offerings. Join us in music-making as we center our singers, ringers, strummers, and drummers.

Singing the Living Tradition: A Book for All Reasons

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Our Unitarian Universalist hymnal is much more than a songbook. providing inspiration, enlightenment, historical perspective and a glimpse into the heart of our faith. We not only sing, but we read, think and put into action the ideas put forward. You are invited to explore the many dimensions of Unitarian Universalism through our hymnal, taking a spiritual journey with a musical guide.

Carols and Candles on the Labyrinth

Our voices lift to celebrate the season with caroling in the frosty air, in the beauty of the Labyrinth. In a tradition that dates back centuries, we will keep it simple, joining our voices in beloved music of the season. Music handouts will be provided, and candles for sharing the light. Everyone is welcome, please wear a mask, dress for the weather and bring your own chair if you want to sit.

Hymn Sing

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In Unitarian Universalism, our hymnals serve as our source of guidance for our UU beliefs and theology. Our hymns speak to where we have been, who we are, and where we are going as a faith. Join us for this special hymn sing service as we worship together through beloved hymns which inspire and sing to who we are.

Harmony – All Music Sunday

For our Spring All Music Sunday, we explore the theme of Harmony. When our individual voices join in consistent and planned chords and chord progressions, we invoke the pleasant effect of amity and peace. Please join us in this special service full of song and spirit, weaving memory and melody into harmonious understanding.

For the Love of Music

The gifts of music can lift us above our daily cares, express the highs and lows of our emotions, and provide the soundscape that accompanies every facet of our lives. Making music together creates and deepens the bonds of love, sharing breath and tone, transcending the boundaries of space and time. Our UUCCH musicians share their love of music, a love that unites and supports us all.