Topic: Love

Love Expanding

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There are so many varieties of love – Philia, Pragma, Storge, Eros, Ludus, Mania, Philautia, Agape. We proclaim to be a faith centered in the spirit of love — what does that really mean, and how do we make it real among us and in the world?

All the Colors of Love (Poetry Sunday)

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love your kindness, your tolerance towards others, your warmth and caring, and that smile that lights up my days! Join the poets and poetry lovers of our congregation for a special poetry service to celebrate the many forms of love. The love will be flowing!

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Season of Love

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In a season of darkness, we celebrate a season of love, bringing song and story to life the dark with our virtual Christmas Eve service for all ages. Gather on Zoom to enjoy the special pageant with our children and youth, along with readings, stories and music to brighten the season with love. Have a candle handy as we join across virtual space to share the light.

This is a Zoom-only service.

For the Love of Music

The gifts of music can lift us above our daily cares, express the highs and lows of our emotions, and provide the soundscape that accompanies every facet of our lives. Making music together creates and deepens the bonds of love, sharing breath and tone, transcending the boundaries of space and time. Our UUCCH musicians share their love of music, a love that unites and supports us all.

Caring with Community

In the spirit of love, the heart center of a faith community is the caring relationships we create and sustain. Caring includes accepting every member just as they are, encouraging all that we are becoming, and providing the connections that sustain us, especially in difficult times. Caring generates bonds of reciprocity, giving and receiving in a constant flow of exchange. Let us celebrate all the ways this community cares in the spirit of love.

Practicing Beloved Community for Collective Liberation

“The goal [of Beloved Community] is reconciliation, not to destroy your opponent, nor cast them out, but to stay in the struggle till love wins.” -Rev. Victoria Safford This is a pivotal time for our Unitarian Universalist Faith. We are being called to live up to our promise of Beloved Community by dismantling white supremacy culture within ourselves and our congregations. Focusing our attention on how we strive to practice genuine beloved community shines a light on the beautiful opportunity for collective liberation at the heart of this most challenging of problems.

Being With All

Love is the spirit of this church. In this second of a two-part series, we consider our relationships in the expanded circles of our lives, where we practice love in covenant, in right relations, in community. How do we move beyond our tribal preferences to create loving connection, finding common ground and building a network that brings ever-expanding love into the world?

Being With One Another

Love is the spirit of this church. In this first of a two-part series, we consider our relationships with the beloveds in our lives: given family, chosen family, close friends, those with whom we share our closest and most nurturing connections. Relationship begins with ourselves and expands outward in circles. How do we practice being with one another in loving relationship?

Love is Our Spirit

Love is the spirit of this church. And finding that love is a personal journey. Many come to this church as orphans from other religions and faith traditions. Unitarian Universalism and UUCCH provides the space for each of us to find that love. On Sunday, hear one member’s journey to find meaning and love and how this church holds a special place in his life.