Topic: Kindness

Caring with Community

In the spirit of love, the heart center of a faith community is the caring relationships we create and sustain. Caring includes accepting every member just as they are, encouraging all that we are becoming, and providing the connections that sustain us, especially in difficult times. Caring generates bonds of reciprocity, giving and receiving in a constant flow of exchange. Let us celebrate all the ways this community cares in the spirit of love.

We Begin Again in Love

Again and again, we rise, we stumble, we fall short of our best selves and we rise again. Honoring ancient sacred traditions of faith, we seek and create new beginnings for ourselves, for our communities, sometimes for entire societies. Living in the world is all about relationship, and so we acknowledge the reality of our human nature, seeking to begin and begin again in love.

Be Kind

Service Leader: Rev.
Margret A. O’Neall

Kindness is a lifestyle, a spiritual
practice, a reflex, and we can bring the strength of our kindness muscle to all
we do.  How do we deepen our
self-awareness to bring kindness into each thought and action, modeling a
practice that can bring more … read more.