Topic: Gratitude

Gratitude and Grace

To hold a space of true gratitude in complex and challenging times requires intention, focus and a deeply grounded spiritual discipline. On this first day of Hanukkah, let us celebrate the miracle that is our lives, and explore how the gift of gratitude can enrich and enliven our days, our relationships, our lives.

This will be a Zoom-only service.

Waiting as a Spiritual Practice

The Christian season of Advent is a time of waiting, the threshold space that leads to the holidays that bring light to the dark time. Let us observe this time of expectation with love for ourselves and others, cultivating the space of waiting to deepen into the present time.


Furred, finned, scaled or feathered; legs in sixes or fours, twos or none; perhaps wings and a tail — our companions from the world beyond humans are precious to us, and we are grateful for all the love they bring. Send photos of your beyond-human companions, and bring them on-screen for our pet blessing service, in virtual style!

Saints Among Us

A saint is a human of virtue and goodness, one who serves the world in ways that provide a model for us all — and we are grateful for all the ways they create wholeness and love. How do we recognize the saints among us, those who model, lead and serve? How do we shape our own lives of service in love for the world?