Topic: Flourish

Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future

We are in so many areas of transition right now. Looking back, we feel nostalgia for days past and honored spaces in our church over its 66 years. Looking forward, there are so many new things, new spaces, and new ways of being. As we begin our annual stewardship campaign, we seek to build on the strengths of our heritage, and to shape a future that will celebrate this community in trust, in love and transformation.

Rise Up, Venture Forth

As Passover commemorates the journey into freedom, and Easter celebrates the triumph of new life emerging, we enter a time of new beginnings, returning from isolation into community, a time to re-create who we are in hope and possibility.

Bouncing Back or Springing Forward?

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming…but are we? How do we begin again? For some of us, branching out is easier, for others growth is painful. And still others are perennial, coming back again and again. Our UU hymn #387 is a chant: The Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Air; Return, return, return, return. Which element are you, and how will you return? Join Paula Gribble in examining the ways we return to things, people, and places in our lives.