Topic: Earth


The summer solstice is a time to reflect on how we mark the passage of time, the fleeting days and hours, and the mearning of daylight in our lives.

Thinning of the Veil

The Celtic tradition of Samhein celebrates the bounty of harvest as we enter the season of cold and darkness. In this time, tradition has it that the veil between the planes of existence becomes thin, and we sense the continuing presence of those who have gone before. How shall we deepen into this mystical time of the year, acknowledging the transitory and the permanent in all things?

Wonder of Nature

Nature provides us with many ways to experience discovery, awe and wonder. Given the on-going challenges and stresses we humans are frequently faced with, making time to immerse oneself with nature, can also be deeply therapeutic. Spending time exploring the natural world brings us closer to valuing our relationship with the Earth.