Topic: Dreaming

Our Dreams

Each of us has dreams of our own; some we keep private, and others we share with family and close friends, And then there are the dreams we hold in common with others, in community. In fact, one of the defining elements of a deeply connected community is the dreams we share, supporting each other in our individual dreams, and working for the larger dreams we can only achieve together.

We Dream

As this is a time for dreaming, we inquire with open-hearted curiousity: what are our dreams, what are our hopes and wishes? In sharing our dreams, in hearing the dreams of those with whom we travel the journey, we learn from our diversity and find our common ground, building a base from which we go forward in the world.

Who We Are

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In RJ Palacio’s book, Wonder, a middle school English teacher on the first day of class introduces his students to the precept that “who we are” is one of the most important things in life. “What kind of people are we … are you … am I?” As we celebrate the heritage of the indigenous peoples of this land, and the liberatory impulse of National Coming Out Day, we seek to understand the realities of who we are, and how we may grow to more deeply value our own true nature and that of each other.

Ministering to Each Other

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Living in a caring, collaborative, democratic community calls us to have open hearts and minds, knowing how to hear one another as we share what is true in our experience. Fellowship Groups provide a setting to deepen our skills for connection, as we create space with a covenant to be fully present to each other.