Topic: Covenant


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A covenant is the commitment we make to each other for how we will be in relationship, individually and in community. The members of this church have invested a year in listening, discussion and collaboration to revitalize our congregational covenant. Today, the Congregational Relationships Team shares our congregation’s reimagined covenant, inviting all into the next step, learning to live into the agreements we have created together in community.

Rise Up, Venture Forth

As Passover commemorates the journey into freedom, and Easter celebrates the triumph of new life emerging, we enter a time of new beginnings, returning from isolation into community, a time to re-create who we are in hope and possibility.

Values that Unite Us

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Our congregational covenant – our agreement for how we will live together in community – is founded on the values we share, and on our commitment to bring our values into everything we do together. Our shared values help us find the commonality in our diversity, and to build bridges between our divisions. Today we explore the values that were identified in the Listening Circles in March, and prepare for a new round of Circles to explore how we live into those values to create a vibrant covenantal church community.

To Dwell Together in Peace

Unitarian Universalists are united in our faith by covenant. an intentional agreement for how we create community in peace and mutual respect. We build positive relationship by listening and understanding each other. The listening circles during March will identify the shared values that form the basis for covenantal relationship in this church, part of a covenant renewal process that will unfold during the coming months. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Covenant: The Practice of Relationship

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A covenant is the agreement we create for how we will be together, and the promise we make to abide by that agreement. Being human, we know that we will break our promise, and so we call ourselves and each other back into covenant, again and again, deepening our relationship and learning ever more deeply to live in harmony.