Topic: community

Our Dreams

Each of us has dreams of our own; some we keep private, and others we share with family and close friends, And then there are the dreams we hold in common with others, in community. In fact, one of the defining elements of a deeply connected community is the dreams we share, supporting each other in our individual dreams, and working for the larger dreams we can only achieve together.

Wilderness Journey

The Passover journey recounts the history of a people seeking freedom from slavery, embarking on a transformative journey through the wilderness to arrive in a “promised land” to create a new way of being in community. So also may we seek to journey through the unknown to create beloved community that serves our mission in the world.


As this new year unfolds, we see signs of hope that we may emerge from a time of challenge and loss for ourselves, for our families, our community, our society and the world. What are the skills, the gifts, the commitments that can help us gain deeper understanding and reconciliation in our interdependent world?

We Begin Again in Love

Again and again, we rise, we stumble, we fall short of our best selves and we rise again. Honoring ancient sacred traditions of faith, we seek and create new beginnings for ourselves, for our communities, sometimes for entire societies. Living in the world is all about relationship, and so we acknowledge the reality of our human nature, seeking to begin and begin again in love.

Explore, Grow, Engage!

There is no final frontier! We keep growing and learning as long as we choose to engage. Join us as we lift off our Lifespan Faith Engagement Program for the year. In community, we boldly go where some have gone before, though what we learn and how we learn may be the new frontier. In the words of Captain Picard, “ENGAGE!”

Water Communion

Our fall tradition of ingathering includes a sharing of the waters, symbolic of all our journeys over the summer. In these times of connecting across distance, our metaphorical journeys challenge and engage us. All are invited to prepare a tiny water ceremony at home, with water from here or away, as we consider the flow of love that uplifts and encourages our lives.


In the time of pandemic, we have seen some services, some work, some people and institutions, defined as “essential.” And so we might inquire of ourselves and each other, what is the essence of our lives? We honor those who provide essential services, even as we deepen our connection to the esssence that helps us thrive.

Courage, Compassion, Connection

Our culture constantly tells us how we should look, what we should think, and how we should spend our time. It requires courage to show others who we really are. True connection to others occurs when we are courageous enough to be authentic and vulnerable, receiving and showing compassion.