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Up to My Ears in Cats

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Sometimes we make a spontaneous commitment, having no idea how it will turn out – but suddenly we are in the middle of something new, exciting, maybe a bit scary. Journey back with me with the summer of 2016, to explore: What do we do when we realize we are in over our heads, and reversing course is not really an option?

Grizzlies, Ukuleles, and Clowns

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Our fears are real, and very individual — our fear can keep us safe, but it can also keep us from doing things we love. Join me to explore how I’ve begun to face fears that have held me back for years, and suggestions that may help you face your fears as well.

Holding on to Letting Go

Our lives are a rollercoaster. Some of us are in the seat at the front with our hands raised, squealing with great joy. Some are in the back seat, letting the rest of the cars pull them along. And some are in the middle, trying not to feel too overwhelmed by the movement. All seats are valid places to be at different times. Come join the ride as Paula Gribble explores these ups and downs, and how the power of commitment, safety, and surrender all play a significant role in our lives.

Hymn Sing

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In Unitarian Universalism, our hymnals serve as our source of guidance for our UU beliefs and theology. Our hymns speak to where we have been, who we are, and where we are going as a faith. Join us for this special hymn sing service as we worship together through beloved hymns which inspire and sing to who we are.

Ubiquitous UUs and the Neighborhood Cat

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A few years ago social researchers were asking the question – what is your religious affiliation? A rather sizable portion of those questioned answered…..”I am not “religious”, but I AM spiritual”. What that means specifically can be left up to a wide range of interpretation and speculation. I have a theory and a story I would like to share with you of how, through observation, investigation and invitation, we move from that “feral”, spiritual world to the domesticated community of Unitarian Universalism. And I promise you, I will include those furry creatures we like to cuddle at our Zoom gatherings. They are key to my “tail”.

In the Space of a Lifetime

History class – row upon row of children memorizing the dates of battles fought long ago, wondering at the introduction of inventions that changed the world, the weekly tests that did little to spur the imagination and interest of students. So sad.

I was one of the girls who loved history. American history, English history, Russian history. Biography. Even historical novels. Today, I have adopted a new way of looking at history. Something that makes come history alive, using General Douglas MacArthur, my father, myself, and my family as examples.

My hope is that you may find this practice a fun and easy way to look at battles and inventions without those pesky tests. By the way, you may not need a book at all.


A few weeks ago, Sky Waterpeace and Christine Denario led us in exploring the realization that the present moment is the only time we have, an ancient understanding of human life that we often ignore. Today, we focus on a related reality: Moment by moment, our lives change. Let us journey together as Holly shares her experience of using Buddhist concepts of impermanence to understand and cope with her anxiety over retirement.

What Did We Learn?

As the world reopens and we begin to resume pre-pandemic lifestyles, what lessons from quarantine can we take with us on the journey forward to live healthier and more balanced lives.

The History Books Lied

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The Confederates lost the Civil War, everybody knows that. But what if that’s not wholly true? What if the echoes of history which are reverberating today are really the remains of the Confederacy fighting on a different battlefield? What can we do to finally win the Civil War & live up to the promise of our nation?