Topic: Celebrate

Festivals of Light

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Festivals of Light is a wonderful multigenerational service centered around Faith traditions and Winter Holidays with the message of light (Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more). Join us as we learn how each of these traditions honor the light, and connect to us as Unitarian Universalists. Paula Gribble will lead this service, but you will also hear from many other voices (of all ages), as well as wonderful music. Come and celebrate the light!

The Principles that Guide Us

Article II is the section of the UUA bylaws that serves as the home of our Principles and Sources, the UUA’s Purposes, our Inclusion clause, and Freedom of Belief Statement. As a living faith, the UUA regularly revisits the documents that guide us to be sure they match our values and commitments. We will join in our Association’s reflection, considering what, if any changes to Article II might lead us boldly into the future.

Juneteenth Matters – for Everyone

It’s the newest national holiday. It’s a day to commemorate the liberation of enslaved people in America. It’s been a huge celebration for the black people of Texas since 1865. But how should we, as white people, descendants of those who supported and benefitted from chattel slavery, honor this day? It’s a party in the black community – but do we have a right to join in?

The Parent and Teacher Within and Among: A Lifespan Faith Engagement Service

What we’ve gone through this past two years – what we are continuing to go through – has caused all of us to adjust. In order to keep growing, we have certainly called on the parents and teachers among us for support. But beyond that we have had to reach into ourselves, to bring the parent and teacher within us forward. Come celebrate our Lifespan Faith Engagement program, parents and teachers, and honor the transformation that can come from within.

Wear Orange Sunday – We Can Make a Difference

Each year across the United States many lives are lost and others are severely injured by the use of guns. These deaths and injuries occur at rates much higher than in similar nations around the world. Gun violence is a public health crisis, preventable with legislation and enforcement to restrict access to firearms and to promote gun safety. Today we wear orange to remember those who have been affected by gun violence. We mourn the devastating loss of lives and the impact on families and communities, even as we work for change in steadfast hope for change.