Beloved members and friends of the UU Church in Cherry Hill,

UUCCH has proven through a year of the Covid-19 pandemic to be the strong community our members need in a time of uncertainty.  We have deepened our love and raised our sights to the future.  Now, more than ever, this church community is essential to us, and your membership support is vital as we build our future as a beacon of liberal faith in South Jersey.

Our devoted staff of Developmental Minister Rev Margret O’Neall; Lifespan Faith Engagement Director Paula Gribble; Director of Music Ministry Natasha Steinmacher; and Administrator Mandy Skalski have worked day and night to assure the delivery of spiritual and pastoral care that our members expect. We have achieved broad consensus on the renovation of our Sanctuary and look forward to meeting in this space once it is completed and we can safely gather.

The theme for our annual giving campaign this year is The Beat Goes On and we prepare to grow in spirit and reach out to the community.  With your financial support, we will continue to fairly compensate our staff, meet our financial obligations in the community, and to care for our buildings and our beautiful grounds.  Social justice and outreach remain central to our identity, and we are using technology in new ways to touch the lives of people who need this faith.

We are seeking a budget increase of $44,000 for the year that starts July 1. If we have 100% participation in pledging this year where everyone gives at their own level, we can meet that goal.  Any pledge should reflect the circumstances of the pledger, so if you are in a time of financial uncertainty, please make a modest pledge, something that you can afford.  Every pledge, no matter the size, is important and valued.

And if you are in a solid financial position this year, please consider making a substantial increase in your annual pledge, since there are some among us who may have limited financial capacity in this time.

We encourage you to pledge and set up your payment online to make life simpler and more predictable for us all.  Guidance on this will be provided in the coming days.

We appreciate your generous support of UUCCH.  Please contact Mandy ( if you have any questions, or if your membership status has changed, so that we may have clear, updated records.

In gratitude, Your Board of Trustees and Pledge Campaign “Beatniks”

Connie Roggio, Al Migdal, Diane Baker-Hallowell, Ken Ewan, Tom Delany, Pam Anderson, Bob Messick,  John Nielsen, Ed Fox, Louise Kelly, Ken Slight, Rohn Hein, Mandy Skalski, Rev. Margret

View the campaign brochure here.

Learn – Value – Serve


Gratitude – Justice – Love

Since 1956, the heart of this UUCCH community has sustained a beat that is steady, strong, with a pulse of vitality that connects our members and reaches out into the larger community with love.

That heartbeat continues strong through these pandemic times, and now will carry us into the future filled with promise and possibility.

The heart is the vital life-center of this faith community, and it keeps on beating even through those times of challenge and change


The heart centers of our church – 65 years of deepening in Cherry Hill Sanctuary, Unitarian House, Hillside, Fellowship Hall, Gallery, the Horsch Room, Arboretum, Labyrinth, and all of our Music.


Through the pandemic, we haven’t skipped a beat – the heart of the church is still beating:

  • Worship continues to be strong, joyful and well attended
  • Faith Engagement opportunities have expanded, with innovative offerings and strong enrollment
  • Our music program continues to nourish the hearts, expand the minds, and enrich the lives of our congregation.
  • Creative use of technology has brought us noon connections, casual gatherings, a crafting group, a vision support group, and regular committee meetings on Zoom
  • Developmental areas of trust, connection, and abundance continue to advance
  • Social Justice remains a UUCCH priority with new partnerships (Rise Against Hate), advocacy for reparations, criminal justice reform, gun violence prevention, including making connections to create a new program model to reduce police violence
  • Community has grown beyond our zip code. We have  expanded our resources for music, social justice, and church community throughout the country
  • We have sustained and deepened our capacity, and from our learning, we can reimagine deeper and more accessible connections into the future as we prepare to move into our remodeled sanctuary.
  • We have not skipped a beat and pivoted to virtual church without interruption.

                          The Beat Goes On….

Connections are vital.  UUCCH is your connection to community, spirituality, service, music, justice and more.  Connections have value.  Your pledge sustains that connection.


Here is the link to pledge and set up your payment online.  Thank you!