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Board Reflection for May 2022

This is nominating season…when people ask of us “What role do you want to serve in our community?” I’m just finishing my first full year of being on the Board, and when people ask me about this experience, I am grateful for my past year … read more.

Board Reflection for April 2022


This is such an emotional and uplifting moment, to be in person in our stunningly beautiful renovated Sanctuary!
None of this would have been achieved without the commitment, determination, generosity, sacrifice and courage of our congregation, the Renovator Task Force, Arts and Aesthetics Team and … read more.

Board Connection for March 2022

My name is Ed Fox and I am excited to be serving as a voting member of our church’s Board of Trustees during this difficult time of exploration into who we are now and who we want to be, where we are now and where … read more.