Speaker: Rev. Margret A. O'Neall


Paths cross, roads meet, intersections are everywhere in our lives. None of us is just one thing, and so we find intersections as well in our identities. How do the intersections in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, body style, abilty and other elements of identity generate wider patterns of privilege and oppression in our society, and how can we be intentional in assuring equity and justice in all our complex diversity?

Voting Rights and Democracy

The fifth principle of our UU faith states that we affirm “the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” In this nation founded on the democratic process, voter suppression has been used systematically to perpetuate the dominance of those in power. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 proposes to restrict state legislatures from passing bills that make it harder to vote, disproportionately deterring racial minorities from voting, and the Freedom to Vote Act of 2021 protects elections from partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression. Join us as we explore how these bills are vital to the protection of our democracy.

Celebrating the Big Bang

In the season of new beginnings, let us celebrate the birth of the universe, in all its stardust wonder, with all we know and all that still remains shrouded in mystery.

A New Year

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Our lives are filled with beginnings — the start of a new year, a new job, a new relationship — and every beginning implies an ending of what has gone before. So now, as we bid farewell to 2021 and prepare to learn whatever 2022 has to offer, may we re-commitment to possibility in our lives, and in the world.

Carols and Candles on the Labyrinth

Our voices lift to celebrate the season with caroling in the frosty air, in the beauty of the Labyrinth. In a tradition that dates back centuries, we will keep it simple, joining our voices in beloved music of the season. Music handouts will be provided, and candles for sharing the light. Everyone is welcome, please wear a mask, dress for the weather and bring your own chair if you want to sit.

Season of Love

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In a season of darkness, we celebrate a season of love, bringing song and story to life the dark with our virtual Christmas Eve service for all ages. Gather on Zoom to enjoy the special pageant with our children and youth, along with readings, stories and music to brighten the season with love. Have a candle handy as we join across virtual space to share the light.

This is a Zoom-only service.

Gratitude and Grace

To hold a space of true gratitude in complex and challenging times requires intention, focus and a deeply grounded spiritual discipline. On this first day of Hanukkah, let us celebrate the miracle that is our lives, and explore how the gift of gratitude can enrich and enliven our days, our relationships, our lives.

This will be a Zoom-only service.

Our Dreams

Each of us has dreams of our own; some we keep private, and others we share with family and close friends, And then there are the dreams we hold in common with others, in community. In fact, one of the defining elements of a deeply connected community is the dreams we share, supporting each other in our individual dreams, and working for the larger dreams we can only achieve together.

We Dream

As this is a time for dreaming, we inquire with open-hearted curiousity: what are our dreams, what are our hopes and wishes? In sharing our dreams, in hearing the dreams of those with whom we travel the journey, we learn from our diversity and find our common ground, building a base from which we go forward in the world.