Speaker: Rev. Dr. Margret A. O'Neall

Committed and Connected: Creating Bridges – Lifespan Faith Engagement (LFE) Sunday

This past year has been a challenging one for all ages. Let’s let some joy in the room! Please join our Children’s Faith Engagement program, 3 graduating High School Senior Youth, and LFE program for an exploration and celebration of how staying committed and connected has helped us all survive. We will have participation from all ages, as well as have a special recognition of our bridging senior youth.

Rights and Responsibilities In a Changing World

Questions abound: How do we live in a democratic system, welcoming the perspectives and voices of the minority while honoring the will of the majority? How may our decision-making accommodate the evolving understandings of the social and physical sciences while acknowledging the power of culture and belief in shaping the will of the people? How do we create a welcoming environment for those of diverse identities and needs who are not yet present among us? We live in a changing world, and our systems must evolve to honor our principles and value our life in community.


On this weekend of Memorial Day, dedicated to remembering the lives of those who have died in military service, we remind ourselves that the act of remembering is, in itself, a sacred act that weaves the larger ongoing pattern of life.

Grace and Vision

We humans are blessed with the gift of imperfection, finding ourselves tentative, uncertain, or awkward when we stretch into areas we have not yet mastered, causing embarrassent or hurt in the process. As we accept the challenge to live into our shared vision, into something that has not existed before, how do we bring the gift of grace to create a new space together for this learning journey that is a human life?

Harmony – All Music Sunday

For our Spring All Music Sunday, we explore the theme of Harmony. When our individual voices join in consistent and planned chords and chord progressions, we invoke the pleasant effect of amity and peace. Please join us in this special service full of song and spirit, weaving memory and melody into harmonious understanding.

Fifty Years of Science and Beauty

The Arboretum at UUCCH, a place of serene beauty and plant wisdom, was created to cherish the land so generously gifted over time, creating a legacy for generations to come. The selection and cultivation of species native to the region has been an ongoing work of love. Together we explore the commitment, the history and the processes that sustain this natural space for the wellbeing of all.

The Beat Goes On

Since 1956, the heart of this UUCCH community has sustained a beat that is steady, strong, with a pulse of vitality that connects our members and reaches out into the larger community with love. That heartbeat continues strong through these pandemic times, and now will carry us into the future filled with promise and possibility.


In the Easter season we celebrate rising into new life, shifting from the dark into the warmth and light, moving into greater presence and awareness. Our rising is the context of the world, in the embrace of community; how do we enact the timeless story of Easter in the complexity and promise of our own lives?