Speaker: Rev. Dr. Margret A. O'Neall

Memory and Reality

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Our memories shape our reality. As individuals and in community, our stories of the past shape our decisions and actions in the moment. Let us explore the power of history, and ways we can use our power to create a future of justice and abundance for all.

A Century of Flower Communion

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Unitarian minister Rev Norbert Capek created the Flower Communion in 1923, celebrating our diversity in community. All are invited to bring a flower to share, as those of all ages gather to hear the familiar story and re-enact this beloved ceremony on the 100th anniversary of its founding. Don’t forget to bring a flower!

Seeking the Source

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Our search for truth and meaning opens the doors of faith and science, exploring the depths of miracle and mystery in the world. This regenerative time of Easter draws us into the search for our connection to the ultimate Unknown, the alpha and omega, of which we are an integral and interconnected part.