Speaker: Rev. Dr. Margret A. O'Neall

Festivals of Light

We celebrate the light of our chalice, and all the traditions that light our way. Join us for Festivals of Light, a wonderful multigenerational service centered around all the Winter Holidays (Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more). We will explore each of these traditions matter to us as Unitarian Universalists, hear from voices of all ages, and enjoy wonderful music!

Being With All

Love is the spirit of this church. In this second of a two-part series, we consider our relationships in the expanded circles of our lives, where we practice love in covenant, in right relations, in community. How do we move beyond our tribal preferences to create loving connection, finding common ground and building a network that brings ever-expanding love into the world?

Being With One Another

Love is the spirit of this church. In this first of a two-part series, we consider our relationships with the beloveds in our lives: given family, chosen family, close friends, those with whom we share our closest and most nurturing connections. Relationship begins with ourselves and expands outward in circles. How do we practice being with one another in loving relationship?

Waiting as a Spiritual Practice

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The Christian season of Advent is a time of waiting, the threshold space that leads to the holidays that bring light to the dark time. Let us observe this time of expectation with love for ourselves and others, cultivating the space of waiting to deepen into the present time.

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Furred, finned, scaled or feathered; legs in sixes or fours, twos or none; perhaps wings and a tail — our companions from the world beyond humans are precious to us, and we are grateful for all the love they bring. Send photos of your beyond-human companions, and bring them on-screen for our pet blessing service, in virtual style!

A Vigil for Hope and Resilience

As we prepare for Election Day, with all the uncertainties of the current environment, we gather for a time of reflection to reconnect with our inner and collective resilience, as we remind ourselves that hope is a resource that we cultivate for our work to create a world of promise and possibility.

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Saints Among Us

A saint is a human of virtue and goodness, one who serves the world in ways that provide a model for us all — and we are grateful for all the ways they create wholeness and love. How do we recognize the saints among us, those who model, lead and serve? How do we shape our own lives of service in love for the world?

Thinning of the Veil

The Celtic tradition of Samhein celebrates the bounty of harvest as we enter the season of cold and darkness. In this time, tradition has it that the veil between the planes of existence becomes thin, and we sense the continuing presence of those who have gone before. How shall we deepen into this mystical time of the year, acknowledging the transitory and the permanent in all things?