Speaker: Rev. Dr. Margret A. O'Neall

Seeking the Source

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Our search for truth and meaning opens the doors of faith and science, exploring the depths of miracle and mystery in the world. This regenerative time of Easter draws us into the search for our connection to the ultimate Unknown, the alpha and omega, of which we are an integral and interconnected part.


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The sacred celebration of Imbolc welcomes the first wave of spring, the deep stirrings of life beneath the frozen ground. The Imbolc festival honors the pagan goddess Brigid, strengthening our connection with the world of nature and welcoming the nourishing fertility of the lands that support our life.

Othering: Identity, Exclusion and Belonging

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Human identity is fundamentally shaped by our connection with family and community as our “tribe;” we know who we are by our knowledge of to whom we belong. Belonging supports us in community even as our tribal identities may create exclusion and even persecution of those who are defined as “other” in our worldview. How can we help to shape a world of belonging for all, where people learn to live in peace across our tribal identities?

Sing and Share

On this glad Christmas morning, we gather at 10:15 in Fellowship Hall for a potluck Christmas brunch, sharing stories, singing familiar carols in the warmth of community.