Speaker: Ken Ewan

Singing the Living Tradition: A Book for All Reasons

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Our Unitarian Universalist hymnal is much more than a songbook. providing inspiration, enlightenment, historical perspective and a glimpse into the heart of our faith. We not only sing, but we read, think and put into action the ideas put forward. You are invited to explore the many dimensions of Unitarian Universalism through our hymnal, taking a spiritual journey with a musical guide.

Ubiquitous UUs and the Neighborhood Cat

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A few years ago social researchers were asking the question – what is your religious affiliation? A rather sizable portion of those questioned answered…..”I am not “religious”, but I AM spiritual”. What that means specifically can be left up to a wide range of interpretation and speculation. I have a theory and a story I would like to share with you of how, through observation, investigation and invitation, we move from that “feral”, spiritual world to the domesticated community of Unitarian Universalism. And I promise you, I will include those furry creatures we like to cuddle at our Zoom gatherings. They are key to my “tail”.