Speaker: Karen Nowicki

Searching the Shadows

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There are shadows in everyone’s hearts and minds, places that were born from trauma, fear, grief and loss; places from which we avert our eyes and pretend they don’t exist. We’ll explore the shadow work of unearthing those hidden places to find light and healing.

What If I Am Doing It Wrong?

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We all know play is important for children’s growth and development, but what about adults? Play is a universal language that transcends age and engaging in play is important for everyone’s overall well being and happiness. What can I learn from watching my daughter play and how can it help me be a better adult by making me less adultish.

(Re)Parenting the Wild Child

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In Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story “Sealskin, Soulskin” she teaches the importance of women specifically, and people in general, holding onto their wild nature. What does it mean to raise a wild child or become a wild person in today’s modern world? How can we grow that wild nature in ourselves and others?