Saints Among Us

A saint is a human of virtue and goodness, one who serves the world in ways that provide a model for us all — and we are grateful for all the ways they create wholeness and love. How do we recognize the saints among us, those who model, lead and serve? How do we shape our own lives of service in love for the world?

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You have been challenged! Will you accept? On All Saint’s Day, we showed a video of important people in UU History. It went all the way from the 1500s up to today! Paula Gribble made a challenge to everyone to go back and watch the video, pick out people, and look them up to learn about them. You can do this alone, with a friend, or as a family activity. We’ve even set up a Facebook Group so you can talk with others about what you have learned. Happy searching!

Here’s where you can see the video: