Welcome! We are excited to have your children participate in our CFE programming here at UUCCH.

Summer Programming

We are excited to start our summer program, Cafe UU, in July.

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September-June Programming

Classes are suited best for age 5 and up.

Children (age 5-11) can attend Spirit Play. Spirit Play is a Unitarian Universalist program of religious education that evolved from a long line of Montessori-based religious education programming. Spirit Play seeks to engage children in the existential questions about life within the context of the Unitarian Universalist faith. Stories are presented dealing with these questions accessing our broad base of sources.

Youth (ages 12-18) can attend our youth class, A Place of Wholeness. This curriculum examines our own faith journey within the context of Unitarian Universalism. This recognizes the individual journey and the communal support present in a UU’s spiritual quest.

Register HERE. Having information about your children helps us plan for teachers and supplies, as well as helps us insure a safe environment for all involved.

Any questions? Contact Melanie Jones, Director of Lifespan Faith Engagement at dlfe@uucch.org