Last Week in Renovation (Update 21)

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Renovation Progress”. Last week’s work moved along both inside and outside of the sanctuary. Inside, blocking in the ceiling to support the video projector was installed. Installation of “”hat track”” furring on the projection wall was completed in preparation for plywood blocking. Plywood blocking, on which to mount the projection screen or the future option of video panels, was hung on the wall above the new choir position on the chancel. The housings for the downlights to be mounted in the low soffit above the doors to the Sanctuary from the Commons were installed and wiring connections made. Each week we are getting closer to the day that the Task Force can announce that the ceiling has been completed.

Outside, the work on the East Terrace moves ahead, thanks to the continuation of “building weather”.  The East Terrace framing was completed and is now starting to receive Trex decking. The shape of  the concrete pad at the base of the new East Terrace stairs was spray painted on the ground, reviewed and approved. We can chalk up one more approval from Cherry Hill Township. Since the weather is forecasted to be clear and sunny this week, there is the probability of one or two more weeks of moving closer to the terrace’s completion. As usual, the attached photos will give a clearer picture of the above.

Thank your for your support of the Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force. Here are photos for the week.

-The Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force