Last Week in Renovation (Update 20)


Renovation work continued both inside and outside the building this past week. Cherry Hill Township inspectors passed a partial inspection of the sprinkler system involving water at pressure. The chancel floor sheathing was cut for the location of the floor receptacle boxes. A floor receptacle box was also placed in the floor of the Sanctuary. HVAC duct installation continues. See the enclosed photos .

Outside, the Township passed the partial framing inspection for the East Terrace. Every Township approval brings our Sanctuary closer to the coveted “Certificate of Occupancy”. Steel rod ties were installed at the terrace framing to anchor the posts and piers to the existing building. Also installed was wood blocking which distributes any “twisting” load experienced by the East Terrace railings over the entire structure when they are leaned upon. The East Terrace porch posts have been replaced to properly align and bear upon the new masonry piers. Thankfully, good weather has held, which allows continued progress on the terrace construction.  Here are some photos for the week.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.