Last Week in Renovation (Update 19)

This week’s report is the first time we have to use the dreaded phrase “supply chain issues”. Let us hope that it is the last time. Installation of electronics is proceeding in advance of the finish ceiling installation. Remember, the ceiling installation is a huge turning point in the completion progress. An access point for the WIFI system is seen in one of this week’s photos. The Window Room HVAC unit has been installed. One item discussed at length by the Task Force was seasonal glare at the southern wall. Last week, the color and shade level of the tinting film to be installed at the high south gable-end windows was selected. The film will reduce winter-time mid-day glare on the new chancel.

At the East Terrace, the stanchions for the steel rails have been welded to their plates. Supply chain issues have delayed metal clips for the decking. They should be received soon, and decking will proceed shortly.  Here are some photos from this week.

We hope you are looking forward to these weekly updates and photos. Your patience and support are appreciated by the Board and the Renovators.

-The Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force