Last Week in Renovation (Update 18)

The work to complete our Sanctuary never takes a holiday. Even with the shortened Thanksgiving work week, there is still renovation progress worth noting. From this point onward, we are looking for and celebrating the “magic” of work completed.

Fire Alarm alterations and rough installation is complete. The changes were needed to accommodate the roof replacement and the new configuration of the Sanctuary. Technological changes in the last 20 years were also incorporated to the system. We can all rest assured that the reconfigured sprinkler system in the Sanctuary and the Commons is new and efficient.

Electrical wiring and HVAC duct installation continues. This is a very important aspect of the project as, once the intricate process of these installations within the walls and ceiling is complete, the application of finishes can move toward completion. The HVAC unit for the window room has been delivered. The window room will have a separate HVAC system which will facilitate more responsive temperature control and more frequent filter changes.

East Terrace framing continues. And the East Terrace decking was delivered. That project is moving apace and there is a good chance that cold and freezing winter conditions will hold off a while longer for that project to continue.

Building a sanctuary and its surrounding spaces is much like an iceberg. You only see a small percentage of the effort and process that goes into the end product. Thank you to everyone who has been patient while the preparations and design for this construction project was accomplished, and a professional General Contractor found to bring it into being.

Here are photos for the week.

-Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force