Last Week in Renovation (Update 16)

Welcome to this week’s Renovation Update. We are getting to the place where the weekly progress is becoming more visible to the eye. If you go to the attached photos, you will see the progress more clearly.

The raised chancel framing is complete. There are two photos that show the shape of the chancel. The framing for the video screen and the closets behind the screen is almost complete. One of the closets behind the screen will be the new home of the handbells. This will be good news for all of us who await live handbell presentations. They will have a safe storage place close to the chancel.

While not shown, Fellowship Hall is being used to install utilities for the screen wall and floor above. We can see the continuing installation of utilities in the ceiling of the Sanctuary. Stored in the Commons are the drywall for the top part of the ceiling and the Rulon “wood-look” acoustical ceiling strips for the lower Sanctuary ceiling. Those of us with knowledgeable ears will be super happy for the improved acoustics.

Finally, preparations have been made to replace the East Terrace porch roof posts.

The Board of Trustees and the Task Force are happy to report progress on a weekly basis. And we thank you for your continued support.

-The Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force