Last Week in Renovation (Update 15)


The Renovation Task Force is pleased to report on construction progress made in the past week.

Work continues on the renovation of our Sanctuary, the Commons and the East Terrace. The photos attached to this report show the work in action. Interior framing continued. Columns and the steel beam for the media wall was installed. Pre-wiring for sound and video was also installed. ( 3 & 4) At the East Terrace, the exterior wall was parged, which means that the face of the wall was covered with mortar. (1 & 2)

The are several photos showing the continued work on the chancel. The ramp leading to the raised stage is framed. The unique shape is becoming visible. Although the shape was designed for the enhancement of sound and the room needed for a thirty- person choir and piano, from above, the shape is reminiscent of a guitar or ukulele. (5 & 6)

The Board of Trustees and the Renovators are happy to bring you both written and photographic progress each week. We also thank you for your patience.

-The Board of Trustees and the Renovation TaskĀ Force