Last Week in Renovation (Update 12)

Work on the renovation is moving forward, and Reno is sending everyone another installment on what we hope will be weekly – or near weekly – updates.

Last week, the installation of the sprinkler system was completed as far as it could be done. The sprinkler heads will be installed after the ceiling is fully completed.

Carpeting was removed from the Sanctuary, the Commons, and the hall to the door of Unitarian House. This demolition task paves the way for future construction projects. The old audio board and the old chancel are also removed. Interior framing has begun.

The East Terrace roof columns have been explored in preparation for the terrace demolition. The railing and light poles on the terrace have been removed. Demolition of the terrace itself will begin this week. A large dumpster will be blocking the back drive while demolition in in process.

Please be aware of and heed all notices and warnings during this phase of demolition. The back drive will be a hard hat and dangerous area. There will be no parking behind Hillside and at the back exit of Fellowship Hall. The circle in front of the Church will also be subject to closure and many trucks will be in the area.

Your safety is the first concern of the Board, the Task Force and all of our contractor and sub-contractors.

Once again, the Task Force thanks everyone for their patience and support during renovation.

-The Renovation Task Force