Last Week in Renovation (Update 6)

A trip to the Church this week will show a finished roof, but oh so much more. All of elements that go along with the shingles and trusses are in place. Soffits and gutters and finished edges are in place. Best of all was the notice from Cherry Hill Township that says that the work passed inspection. The roof is not only beautiful, but it is reinforced and built to last. In the next few weeks, the windows and the new exit door will be installed. And this week, new lightning rods, which are up to code, will be installed. The bulk of Phase 1 will be completed.  You can follow along by viewing our Google Photo Album.

The next major undertaking will be the restoration of the East Terrace. The construction documents were submitted to the township, we expect permits shortly, and work could begin before Christmas. Inside the building, the skylights in the Commons have been removed. All of the wooden supports that held up the old roof have been taken down. Even the pillars in Fellowship Hall are gone. In the spirit of our 7th Principle, all of the usable lumber was taken to Habitat for Humanity by Mike Richter. Send a virtual pat on the back to Mike for his dedication.

On November 24, more decisions on the interior of the Sanctuary were made by the Reno Task Force. More choices will be made on December 1. The permits for the interior will be presented to the Township soon. Once again, the Board and Renovators thank you for your support and trust during the reconstruction of the Sanctuary.

Connie Roggio, for the Board of Trustees and the Renovation Task Force


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