Keep Plastics out of the Landfill

Confused about what can be recycled and what is actually recycled? Here is something that is guaranteed to keep plastics out of landfills – Trex Recycle program. We are partnering with Christ Our Light to collect very specific plastics that will be used by Trex.

We will be collecting the plastic in the White Recycle Bin by the side ramp – near Book SMILES. Look for the Green and White poster on the side of the bin.

The collection lasts until March 31st.

ITEMS ACCEPTED BY TREX COMPANY: Bubble wrap (pop bubbles), grocery bags, (all colors), case overwrap, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, produce bags, cereal bags, paper towel /toilet paper overwrap, Ziploc or food storage bags, ice bags (DRY – without metal clips), wood pellet bags, stretch film and pallet wrap, furniture foam wrap.

DO NOT INCLUDE THESE ITEMS: frozen food bags, candy bar wrappers, chip and snack bags, net or mesh product bags, pet food bags, pre-washed salad mix bags, degradable/compostable bags or film packaging, six-pack rings, PPE – gloves, masks, or protective wear, bedding or linen packaging, shiny, crinkly films like floral wrap, vinyl shower curtains or tablecloths.


DON’T SEE YOUR ITEM ON THE LIST? See if the package will stretch when you pull it. If yes, it can be included. If it tears like paper, then please don’t put it in the bin. Is the package shiny or does it make a crinkly/crunchy sound in your hand? If yes, DO NOT RECYCLE IN THE NexTrex bin.