Immigration Support

Did you know that CREE has continued work to support immigration issues throughout these months of the pandemic and addressing special challenges. Donations are being welcomed for the UU Immigration Support Fund which is now helping support the living expenses of a family from the Congo.

This family of three including, a nine year old child, arrived a year ago. Under normal circumstances they would be employed and self sufficient within their first few months here. However, the pandemic has interfered with this, and the family is in need of rental and other forms of assistance for a longer period. We are looking forward with anticipation to an opportunity to meet the family in the next few weeks.

Please logon to the UUCCH online giving site: and select Immigration Support, there is also a link to the Vanco form to set up as a monthly contribution. IN APPRECIATION OF YOUR DONATION: CREE will provide a copy of the Equal Justice Initiative 2021 calendar (photo above) – please email to let us know if you would like to pick up your calendar or have a member of CREE drop it off at your home.