Staff Blogs: Administry and the December Theme: Peace

Welcome! If you are reading this, then you have found your way to our new website! The website and our Tuesday Newsgram are our two main avenues for communication in the congregation, and this has sometimes left a gap where we want to say more than a typical Newsgram entry. To fill this gap, we are introducing blog posts. The blog posts will vary in content and purpose, but you can expect them periodically from the staff and leaders, or others.

This month, our church-wide theme is Peace. The word peace, was developed in the 12th century, and originally meant “freedom from civil disorder, internal peace of a nation”. It evolved to mean “state of quiet or tranquility”. Both of these meanings are relevant at this time, when our nation is in a time of transition and change, and the holiday season is usually a busy season full of decorating, errands, cooking, baking, and visiting with friends and family. Except this year, in times of Covid, when there may be occasions that we have too much ‘peace’ at home in isolation.

We offer several ways for you to explore the theme of peace this month, beginning with the First Sunday Theme Discussion this coming week, 12/6/20 at noon. Sunday evening, Sharon Hardy is presenting the winter session of Joys of Birding (registration required).

Our fellowship groups also follow the monthly theme, and will be discussing peace this month.

On Mondays at noon, our Director of Music Ministry, Natasha Steinmacher, holds a musical meditation at noon during the Daily Noon Connection. The link for the noon connections is in each Newsgram, and the private Facebook Group for discussing the weekday calls is located here.

Every other Tuesday, UUCCH member Sky Waterpeace holds a The Monroe Institute (TMI) Meditation class on Zoom. The next one is scheduled for December 8th.

I have personally found peace lately in the pages of books (my latest read is here). Turning off the tv at night, lighting a candle, and having one of the dogs sit with me while getting lost in a story has brought me a surprising amount of peace.

I hope that you can connect with UUCCH in ways that bring peace into your life this month, and take a few minutes a day to practice finding peace as a spiritual practice. Please share in the comments your thoughts and ideas!


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season,