COVID-19 Safety Guidelines (Updated February 21, 2023)

These are the current guidelines for health and safety. We advise that people make wise choices for themselves and take responsibility for their own health and that of those around them. Please do not attend in person activities if you are testing positive, are symptomatic or have been recently exposed to COVID. The guidelines are as follows:

Attendance Indoors
To attend Sunday services and other indoor church gatherings in person, we recommend (but do not require) that you wear a mask, with both your mouth and nose covered. We will provide a mask if you did not bring one.

Masks are available at the Welcome table on Sunday mornings, and on request at other times. The back three rows in the north section of Sanctuary seating (the area nearest the Tech booth) are reserved on Sundays for those who wish to be seated only among others who are wearing masks.

Singing and Presenting Indoors
Masks are not required for singing or presenting; individuals and groups may make their own health choices for themselves and those around them.

Food/Drink at Church Wide Events
Refreshments are permitted both at group gatherings and at church wide events.

In order to mitigate risk, social distancing is encouraged, especially when consuming food and beverages.

Use of an outdoor space or largest available indoor space is recommended to reduce crowding (based on size of the group).

Refreshments at social hour after Sunday worship are to be served in Fellowship Hall, as that is the largest available indoor space for serving.

Risk Mitigation Suggestions
Since there is not yet an advanced air filtration system in place, it is recommended that windows in Fellowship Hall be opened for air circulation during gatherings in Fellowship Hall, weather permitting.

All are encouraged to respect the decisions each person makes to protect their health and the health of others.

Food and drink may be served and consumed at outdoor events; social distance is recommended while eating.

Please observe these occupancy guidelines/limits in church spaces:

  • Sanctuary -251 (the number of seats)
  • Fellowship Hall -160 (just chairs, or chairs at tables)
  • Horsch Room -20 (with existing furniture)
  • Commons – 40 (with chairs in rows)
  •  Hillside LL -48 (with chairs in rows)
  • Hillside 201 -18
  • Hillside 202 – 8
  • Hillside 203 – 10